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Cash Parish, small business strategist. Cash began to focus on business at the age of 17, opening and closing small business ventures,  was born and raised in New Orleans, La. Knowing the streets had nothing to offer, one high school class opened his mind to the potential of growth and success through business. His business ventures began with a car wash, later a barber and beauty salon, he self-educated and opened an entertainment company producing music and parties, learning the hip-hop culture way of marketing and networking. In 2002, he became interested in the body art industry and gold grill sales, he opened Skintastic Art in 2003 with tattoos and gold grills. Skintastic Art relocated to Columbus, Ga in 2005 with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Now with a gross figure of over 2,000,000 in sales and countless success, Cash Parish studies internet marketing and sales as well as S.E.O. services, social media  website development, management, branding, business strategy and business model development.

If you are a member of the press or an event coordinator and need to contact Parish immediately, you can reach our executive office at 504-513-9515.

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“Think heavens for some one like you Cash parish. You have lived it shared it and save my business and life from failure. Words could never explain my sincerity and gratitude ”
-Leela Johnson