We focus on the 9 main key components to building a great business. To build a great business you must practice basic fundamentals of business. Most entrepreneurs do not know or understand the 9 key components to a business model. This failure to know how each component impacts other component will bring the startup business to a rapid closed. 80% of all business will not make it out of start up phase. This is more then likely to happen even to proven time tested entrepreneurs, every business model is different and should be catered to its new app, product, customer, and brand. 

Customer Segment

Customer Relationship


Value Preposition 

Revenue Streams 

Key Activities 

Key Partnerships 

Key Resources 

Cost Structure 

Prices or based on workload needed by the client. $200 per hour. Some apprenuers are at different steps on there project and will need assistance at different stages price can range 2k-40k. Timing based on 10hr to 200 man hours of labor estimated average. This is just a estimate prices are subject to change on a case by case bases please contact QBD team by clicking the button now.